Indoor Facilities
Soft Play Room - 'Wooden Spoon Suite'

Our softplay room takes pride of place amongst our other indoor activities. It features wall to ceiling padding and a padded floor to guarantee safety when the children are running around and letting off steam.

After running around for a while children can jump into the ball pool for either a relax or to try and attempt a game of hide and seek! Outside of the ball pool are numerous other soft toys to play with and building blocks to create dens or houses which encourage creativity, sharing and fun.

The soft play room is hugely popular, as you'd expect, and on busy days can become crowded. To ensure that everyone that comes to camp has a turn, and for safety reasons, we implement a timetable. When the softplay room is busy there will always be a member of on hand to help further guarantee safety, however we do encourage parents and carers to supervise their own children when possible.

It is important to note that the Wooden Spoon Suite was made possible by the Wooden Spoon Society, who donated the money to make this softplay room one of our prime features. It was a huge addition to our growing range of indoor facilities and to make the Wooden Spoon Suite extra special the softplay room was formally opened when construction was completed in in 2010 by Princess Anne herself, who is patron of the Wooden Spoon Childrens Charity.