Camp Mohawk offers a huge variety of indoor and outdoor facilities and activities.

All of Camp Mohawk's indoor and outdoor facilities are designed with safety being our primary concern, and fun a very close second! The range of activities on offer is diverse enough to ensure that everyone visiting Camp Mohawk can enjoy themselves to their fullest, whatever the need or disability. Most activities are wheelchair accessible.

Historically Camp Mohawk has been a summer day centre and there are subsequently numerous outdoor activities that have been implemented over a long period of time. You will find the outdoor areas second to none in terms of space, facilities and variety of activities.
We have worked hard over the years to develop a core range of indoor facilities which are available when the weather is bleak or as an alternative to the outdoor areas. This is an area which we are excited to be continuing to grow and develop.


There is parking on site however spaces are limited and we therefore encourage people to share lifts whenever possible. It also helps preserve our environment.

Secure Setting

The Camp is completely surrounded by a perimeter fence, making the environment safe and secure as well as fun!

We are always looking to add to the site at Camp Mohawk, so if you have any unwanted items that you feel may benefit the Camp, or you wish to donate a piece of equipment, please get in contact with us. Below is a list of items we are particularly looking for.

Children’s Equipment