Corporte Social Responsibility

There are many ways in which companies can get involved with Camp Mohawk.

Fundraising/Sponsoring Events

Many companies that support us run their own charity events such as a quiz, fun-run or a dress down day at work. Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.

Alternatively we would be very happy to have companies sponsor the Friends of Camp Mohawk fundraising events. Encouraging employees to attend these fund raising events ensures their ongoing success. Sponsoring fundraisers and awareness raisers is a great way to promote your company.

Sponsoring Activity Programmes

The families, children and groups who use Camp Mohawk benefit from an enormous range of support, activities and events. Sponsoring one of these is a great way to become one of Camp Mohawk's corporate partners. Below is a list of opportunities:

Sponsoring Specialist Equipment/Site Development

Not all the equipment needed can be built and installed by volunteers; sponsorship of equipment such as wheelchair accessible swings and sensory room apparutus enhances the facilities whilst offering companies tangible evidence of partnership working.

Corporate Community Days

Camp Mohawk has organised many corporate community days for companies who support the centre and have CSR/team building budgets. Company funded projects can range from re-painting rooms to designing and producing features such as the sensory garden, creating wheelchair accessible paths, putting up post and rail fencing, laying out woodchip, building bespoke equpiment... the list is endless. These days are extremely valuable to both Camp Mohawk and to the companies involved.

The days themselves can be tailored to fit every organisation, no matter how large or small and the main benefits include:

Quotes from Corporate Partners on Community Days:

“You can really see what we’ve achieved together today – it has been very physical and different to my work in the office, where most of what I do is on a computer. I’m amazed how much we’ve achieved as a team.”

"This will be the fifth consecutive year we’ve done a Corporate Community Day at Mohawk and it has become an eagerly anticipated fixture in the corporate finance community’s calendar. It’s a great team bonding exercise where everyone pulls together for the benefit of this important community resource.”

“We were able to discuss so much about our work and help Mohawk at the same time. I’ve got some great ideas from colleagues to take back to work”.

“I learned a lot from my colleagues whilst we were working together, I feel like I now know much more about what other people do in my organisation.”

“We’ve had loads of laughs and enjoyed each other’s company today. I feel like I know my colleagues much better now.”

Quotes from Families:

“It can feel very isolating to be cut off from the majority of activities in our community... Mohawk is our most treasured resource and enjoyed by the whole family... The corporate community day volunteers who help to maintain and improve the facilities on the site do a hugely important task... It makes us feel we are a valued part of society to know that others are working towards achieving improvements to facilities designated specifically for children like our son...”

“Mohawk’s ever improving facilities make us actually feel honoured that we are able to attend the centre, and there are very few times we feel lucky to be in the situation we are in...”

“We adore everything the centre offers us and thank everyone who makes it such a hugely valued place for our family to treasure and enjoy. We hope the corporate partners who help to make Camp Mohawk such a wonderful environment for us realise what a positive impact their hard work and time have on our lives.”

CSR - Contact US

If you would like one of our managers to give a presentation to your company about CSR opportunities or have a tour of our facilities, please contact Annabel Hill