Outdoor Facilities
Circus Skills

Helping children and young people to develop on their natural dexterity is key to so many aspects of their lives and sometimes the most basic things can be a challenge when faced with learning and physical disabilities.

We aim to assist in the development of this area through simple yet technical 'circus skills' which we keep next to the fire circle, in plenty of space! We have an assortment of circus toys and games which are all aimed at enhancing hand-eye coordination, dexterity and spacial awareness. One unique aspect of circus skills is that they can be played individually or as part of a team, which in turn helps with socialising.

Our selection of toys include diablos, flower/devil sticks, juggling balls, poi, plate spinning sets, bowling balls, quoits, juggling scarves, hoops, and pedal-gos, amongst others.

The staff at Camp Mohawk have, at the very least, a base level understanding of how to use all of the circus toys and are always on hand to instruct and help, however most have had plenty of time to practice and are fairly adept and skillful at their chosen games and as such are good teachers.