Outdoor Facilities

The adventure playground is located in the bottom corner of the site, sandwiched between the woods and the sensory garden. There is a path that comes all the way down to the adventure playground which follows down from the pool area, and which makes the adventure playground area accessible for wheelchairs. The play equipment itself is not yet accessible.

The adventure playground features a wobbly swing bridge (often with a troll lurking underneath), sets of monkey bars to build up a bit of muscle, a fireman's pole to quickly slide down, a cargo net to traverse, a chain-link tight-rope walk and other ramps and climbing walls to try and conquer.

Within the area of the adventure playground there is also a large wiggly slide, and a huge swing set. The swing set, funded by Slough Borough Council, comprises a huge variety of swings for all ages and sizes (little toddlers through to adults) and covers a range of physical disabilities; most notably it features a swing designed for those with physical disabilities requiring a wheelchair, so there is plenty of fun to be had by all.

There are various benches available for parents and carers to relax on.